Our Humble Efforts to Support Grassroots Students Dateļ¼šMar 2020

Our Humble Efforts to Support Grassroots Students

In view of the continued spread of novel coronavirus, children have stayed home with schools suspended until further notice. Particularly, primary students who originally obtained subsidy to meet lunch expenses at schools are mostly affected by soaring food expenses.

In addition to the previous donation of 100,000 surgical face masks and 40,000 MX meal coupons to the elderly, Maxim’s Group further donated 25,000 MX meal coupons worth over HK$1M to assist 5,000 students and their families.

One of the beneficiaries - Chi Fung’s mother prepared simple dishes for her family during school suspension. The meal coupons not only lighten up her load but also cheer up Chi Fung.   

Food Angel will share the meal coupons and some food items to the students and their families to ease their burden.   Back