What Matters | 2020 March Issue Date:Mar 2020

A Small but Hearty Gift to Ease Pressing Needs

The elderly put on a smile with relief after receiving surgical face masks from volunteers of Food Angel. This hearty gift helped take a load off their minds.

The novel coronavirus outbreak has caused face mask shortage and has made life even harder for the underprivileged, particularly the elderly and visually impaired. It is a challenge for them to assess latest information of purchasing masks and they often queue up for hours and in vain. Sometimes, it leaves them no choice but to reuse their masks for visits to hospitals or clinics.

We understand these urgent needs in the community and have been making every effort to secure face masks from various regions. Apart from the use for our frontline operations, it is our humble effort to donate a total of 200,000 surgical face masks to the elderly and visually impaired to help prevent coronavirus infection in the community through four social welfare organisations in late February :

  Food Angel

  Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired

  The Hong Kong Blind Union

  The Hong Kong Federation of the Blind

In addition, 40,000 MX meal coupons worth over HK$2M and some food items have also been donated to Food Angel for sharing with elderly friends, who can redeem a take-away set meal per coupon at over 50 MX outlets in Hong Kong.