Less Plastic at Maxim’s Cakes and arome Date:May 2019
 Less Plastic at Maxim’s Cakes and arome  

Let’s Join Green Birthday Campaign and Go Tree Planting

Maxim’s Group is committed in environmental protection and understands the rising concern of plastic pollution. Taking to heart our customers’ needs and preferences while minimizing the environmental impact, the Group is taking active steps to reduce single-use plastic. 

Starting today, all Maxim’s Cakes and arome outlets will stop providing cake-cutting plastic knives, plastic utensils/ items and extra plastic bags to customers, unless requested. The Group will also launch a Green Birthday Campaign on social media to encourage more sustainable lifestyles and invite public to join tree planting.

No Cake-cutting Plastic Knives, Plastic Utensils/ items, Extra Bags. Let’s Support Plastic Reduction 

Most of customers enjoy the cakes or desserts they buy at Maxim’s Cakes and arome with family members and friends, either at home or in a restaurant[1], where reusable cake-cutting knives and utensils are readily available. Maxim’s Cakes and arome decided to stop providing cake-cutting plastic knives and plastic utensils in order to cut unnecessary plastic use. 

Upon placing the cake orders, customers can order an environmentally friendly and edible chocolate plaque with customized greetings to replace plastic birthday tabs[2]. In addition, Maxim’s Cakes and arome will stop providing extra plastic bags. To further reduce the usage of plastics, most of the cake boxes have been designed with handles for easy carrying, making plastic bags unnecessary.  

Green Birthday Campaign Invites Public for Tree Planting

Last year’s Super Typhoon Mangkhut destroyed over 50,000 trees and severely damaged the environment. Maxim’s Group will organise two tree planting events – on 13 and 20 June – aiming to plant 100 trees as the first step. Maxim’s staff members will work with fellow participants during these events to help raise awareness of environmental protection.

Those interested in going to the tree planting event (20 June) can take part in the Green Birthday campaign from today until 29 May. Participants should like the Facebook Page “美味人心by Maxim’s HK”, and share a creative way to celebrate a green birthday. Participants will have the chance to win a HK$200 Maxim’s bakery cash coupons and an invitation to the tree planting event.  

Waste Not Help The Needy

In addition to its efforts to plastic reduction, Maxim’s Group has rolled out various other environmental initiatives. In terms of turning waste to energy, the Group recycles used cooking oil from over 280 of its restaurants for turning into B5 biodiesel to power its fleet of over 100 trucks to reduce carbon footprint.

Maxim’s Cakes & Bakery Production Centre also collects and delivers egg shells, fruit peel and pits to O-Park 1 in Siu Ho Wan, where they are transformed into sustainable biofuels.

Furthermore, the Surplus Bread Donation program has donated over 4.75 million pieces of bread since its launch in 2009, to people in need and helping them save on daily expenses.

[1] Cakeage fee is waived at Maxim’s Chinese Restaurants for any cakes purchased from Maxim’s Cakes or arome.
[2]  A free chocolate plaque will be given for cakes of Maxim’s Cakes valued at HK$300 or above. HK$10 will be charged for a chocolate plaque for cakes valued below HK$300.