Come join us for Bread Rescue Day on 1st August Dateļ¼šJul 2019
In 2009, Maxim’s Group launched the Surplus Bread Donation program as the first bakery chain in Hong Kong to donate its surplus food. With Feeding Hong Kong, Foodlink, Food Grace and People Service Centre as the key partners, Maxim’s Cakes and arome are working with over 90 charitable organizations to donate their surplus food to people in need. By end of 2018, Maxim’s Group had donated over 4.75 million pieces of bread.

The Surplus Bread Donation program marks its 10th anniversary this year. To enhance the public awareness of “Waste Not Help the Needy”, the Bread Rescue Day will be organized by Maxim’s Group on 1st August, recruiting volunteers to the bakery outlets to collect surplus bread and deliver to the food banks.

Click here to come join us for Bread Rescue Day on 1st August