No Straw Each Day at MX Let’s Support Plastic Reduction Date:Sep 2018
No Straw Each Day at MX
Let’s Support Plastic Reduction

Clean Your Plate Challenge
Love Food Waste Not

Protecting the environment the best we could has always been one of MX’s priorities. To practise green living, all the outlets will implement “No Straw Each Day” from 2 October 2018 onwards. Staff at MX outlets will stop providing straws to dine-in customers. Also in October, MX and Greeners Action will jointly organise a “Clean Your Plate” campaign, inviting everyone to consume food wisely and reduce waste.

No Straw Each Day      Let’s Support Plastic Reduction

As early as June, MX started “No Straw Day” trial on Wednesdays at all outlets and stopped providing straws for cold drinks to dine-in customers. The trial received positive feedback from the customers. To further promote environmental protection and reduce use of plastics, MX decided to start “No Straw Each Day” from 2 October. All outlets will stop providing straws for cold drinks to dine-in customers (straws will only be provided upon request). MX aims to reduce usage by 70% and hope customers will join the reduction.

At present, majority of MX’s customers enjoy dine-in service through using reusable containers and cutleries most of the time*. All MX stores also have free water refill service to minimize the use of single-use plastic bottles or cups.

For takeaway orders, MX has completely phased out styrofoam containers in January 2018, and now welcomes customers to bring their own food or drink container/bottle. In July this year, MX took one step further and carried out a “Bring-your-own-bag” initiative, encouraging customers to bring their own bags and MX to donate HK$0.5 per bag to four environmental protection organisations. The initiative was well received, and more than 5,000 customers have participated. As early as 2007, MX’s take-away packaging started to use recyclable plastic, and napkin papers are either FSC certified or recycled paper.

Clean Your Plate Challenge     Love Food Waste Not

From 8 October to 11 November 2018, MX will hold a “Clean Your Plate Challenge”. For every “Like” or share of the promotion video posted on Hong Kong Maxim’s Group’s Facebook page “美味人心by Maxim’s HK”, MX will donate HK$1 to a “Sharing Food in Community” project of Greeners Action. When customers share their “Clean Your Plate” photographs on Instagram and tag “MaximsHK” Instagram account, they may have the chance to win environmental tableware and dining coupons.

During the Challenge period, Greeners Action will visit MX outlets in various districts, encouraging customers to support “Love Food Waste Not”. Please stay tuned.

Executive Director of Greeners Action Mr Angus Ho said: “Reducing single-use plastic is a global issue. We support MX’s efforts to reduce the use of single-use plastic. And we are happy to cooperate with MX again to carry out the “Clean Your Plate Challenge” and hope people will support eating wisely and strive to save our environment.”

In another “Waste Not Help the Needy” initiative back in August, MX raised HK$50,000 for  primary students at Kiddy Heart Canteen of Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service through an “Order Less Rice and Help Others” campaign. Over 100 low-income families saved some expenses for the new school term preparation.

*Except at 4 kiosk/small stores with limited seats/cleaning facility