Maxim’s Group Wins Two Awards in Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence Date:Jun 2015
 Congratulations to Maxim’s Cakes and Bakery Factory and Maxim’s Palace (Tai Wo, Telford Plaza and Shun Tak) in receiving merit Awards at the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence ceremony in mid May.

 The HKAEE recognizes organizations that have demonstrated an outstanding environmental performance across different sectors. The three judging criteria are green leadership, programme and performance, and partner synergy. The number of entries competing in 15 categories this year reached a record high of 1048.

 “Waste Not” is one of the two key CSR focuses of the Group through various energy saving measures. Since 2010, we have also implemented kitchen waste recycling, hence collecting food waste from factory and turning them into fish and pig feed. We hope to contribute to environmental protection, and we hope you will join us to extend the green spirit.

Mr Edward Chan, representative of Maxim’s Cakes & Bakery Factory, receives the award

Mr Alan Wong, representative of Cantonese Cuisine, receives the award